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ALMASat - ALMA MATER Satellite | Università di Bologna


Welcome to the website of the Alma Mater Microsatellite and Space Microsystems Lab
ALMASat-1 Microsatellite on the Adapter and Separation System

Since 2003, the laboratory is involved in research topics concerning the design, manufacturing and assembly of small space systems, characterised by a high degree of automation and innovation through an intelligent use of advanced technologies in the field of miniaturised mechanics, telecommunication, electronics and smart materials.

The activity of the lab started with the ALMASat-1 project, the first satellite of the University of Bologna entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in this lab involving a large number of students. It has been successfully launched in February 2012 on board the VEGA maiden flight. Read more...


May 30, 2014 - A paper “ALMA Mater Ground Station Transceiver: a Software Defined Radio for Satellite Communications" has been presented at the IEEE Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace in Benevento, Italy

May 28, 2014 - A paper “The ESEO Development: Merging Technical with Educational Challanges" has been presented at the 4S Symposium in Porto Petro, Majorca, Spain

We have been working on several projetcs and we are currently developing different systems in the field of small satellites.

Several papers have been presented and published in conferences and journals since the birth of this Lab.

Interested undergraduate and graduate students will find here wide and exciting opportunities to carry out internships, stages, theses at BSc, MSc and PhD level. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may need.

The Lab is equipped with several resources needed to perform our research activities.


Paolo Tortora

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Via Fontanelle 40 - 47121, Forli (Italy)

tel: +39 0543 374 456

fax: +39 0543 374 477

Head of Lab

Dario Modenini

Research Fellow

Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research on Aerospace, Materials and Metropolitan Mobility (CIRI)

Via Fontanelle 51 - 47121, Forli (Italy)

tel: +39.0543.474357

Micropropulsion Systems

Marco Bosco

PhD student

Department of Industrial Engineering

Via Fontanelle 40 - 47121, Forli (Italy)

tel: +39.0543.374450

Ground Systems

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